Media Sosial dan Kebertahanan Usaha Makanan Ringan Melalui Instagram

  • patricia gultom Universitas Negeri Jakarta


This study aims to determine the impact and survival strategies of the snack food business on Instagram. The purpose of this study is to see how the impact of the pandemic on snack MSMEs on Instagram and the survival strategies carried out by Snack MSMEs on Instagram during the pandemic. This study uses a qualitative approach and case study methods. The sources of data in this study are primary data from observations, in-depth interviews, and documentation with sources and reinforced by secondary data such as journals, articles, and books. The results of this study state that due to the pandemic and the PSBB regulations affect various sectors of life in society, including the MSME economic sector. Facing this, MSME actors implement production, marketing, and distribution strategies by utilizing social media Instagram to maintain their business in the midst of a pandemic.

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