Permanents Call for Papers


The editorial team of the Jurnal Ilmiah Mimbar Demokrasi invites authors to submit articles. TheJurnal Ilmiah Mimbar Demokrasi is an international peer-reviewed academic journal in the area of research on teaching and learning in the field of civic and citizenship education.

It is characterised by its orientation towards both theory and research, originality and innovativeness, a strong interdisciplinary approach and internationalism with special attention to the Indonesian academic discourse (. The Jurnal Ilmiah Mimbar Demokrasi welcomes contributions on a broad range of issues and themes regarding social science education as well as those relevant to the precise subject area chosen as main topic for a particular issue. Please browse the journal to learn more about its scope and topics.

As this is a permanent and open call, there is no specific deadline, authors may submit their papers at any time. Submitted papers will be reviewed as soon as possible. Accepted papers will be included in the next available issue of the journal.

Your submission should reflect the ‘Author Guidelines’ (see editorial guidelines of the Jurnal Ilmiah Mimbar Demokrasi).

In addition to its focus on peer-reviewed research papers, the journal welcomes other contributions including essays, reports about developments in a country or countries, conference reports, case studies, lesson reports or commentaries.

Based on a thorough selection process regarding the significance of the topic for the academic discourse in the field of social science education, the Jurnal Ilmiah Mimbar Demokrasi ensures quality by a double-blind peer review. At least two reviews provide the basis for the final decision on publication by the Editors.

Thematic issues of the Jurnal Ilmiah Mimbar Demokrasi deal with a wide range of significant topics including

Different cultures in education for democracy and citizenship
1. Patriotism, Nationalism, Citizenship
2. Critical Civic and Citizenship Education
3. Political and economic literacy in the economic crisis
4. Heterogeneity and diversity in economic and civic education
5. Political, economic and civic literacy, social science literacy
6. Teacher education
7. Empirical research, qualitative research, comparative research in civic, citizenship and economic education
8. Lesson study
9. Standards of education and competencies
10. Political legacies and critical education
11. Citizenship education in transforming countries
12. Media and aesthetics in social science education
13. Migration and globalization
14. Gender issues
15. Sustainability
16. Sociology in civic education
17. Entrepreneurship education
18. Human rights education
19. Social constructivism
20. Disciplinarity and interdisciplinarity
21. Civic and economic education in Asian countries
The Jurnal Ilmiah Mimbar Demokrasi is supported with “Open Journal System” (OJS) – open source software for management and publication of open access journals. The Jurnal Ilmiah Mimbar Demokrasi adopts the COPE Guidelines on publication ethics. All authors are kindly asked to follow the editorial guidelines of Jurnal Ilmiah Mimbar Demokrasi.