Reviewer Guidelines

Reviewer Guidelines

1. Indonesian Version

SOP of Manuscript Management

  • At least two reviewers independently review every manuscript submitted to Jurnal Pendidikan Ekonomi & Bisnis in the form of "double-blind peer review." The decision for accepted, accepted with revisions, or rejected is based upon their reports/recommendation. In some instances, the editor may submit an article for review to another, the third reviewer before making a decision, if necessary.

Role and Responsibilities of Peer Reviewers

The peer reviewer is responsible for critiquing by reading and evaluating manuscripts in the field of expertise, then giving constructive advice and honest feedback to the author of the article submitted. Peer reviewers discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the article, how to increase the strength and quality of the paper, and evaluate the relevance and authenticity of the manuscript.

  • Ensure the rigorous standards of the scientific process by taking part in the peer-review system.
  • Uphold the journal's integrity by identifying invalid research and helping to maintain the journal's quality.
  • Fulfil a sense of obligation to the community and their area of research.
  • Establish relationships with reputable colleagues and their affiliated journals, and increase their opportunities to join an Editorial Board.
  • It can help prevent ethical breaches by identifying plagiarism, research fraud, and other problems by dinting their familiarity with the subject area.
  • Reciprocate professional courtesy, as authors and reviewers are often interchangeable roles – as a reviewer, researchers "repay" the same consideration they receive as authors.

Review Process

When reviewing the article, please consider the following:

  • Language is clear and correct?
  • Literature is well written?
  • References are cited as directed by APA?
  • The research topic is significant to the field?
  • The article is complete, well organized and clearly written?
  • Research design and method is appropriate?
  • Analyses are appropriate to the research question?
  • Results are clearly presented?
  • A reasonable discussion of the results is presented?
  • Conclusions are clearly stated?
  • Recommendations are clearly stated

When submitting your recommendation, you can choose from the following options:

  • Accepted
  • Revisions Required
  • Resubmit for Review
  • Resubmit Elsewhere
  • Decline

Review Form