The Efffect of Using Diary to Improve Students’ Writing

  • Iin Ainun Nissa Universitas Islam Syekh Yusuf
  • Ambuy Sabur Universitas Islam Syekh Yusuf
  • Lastry Forsia Universitas Islam Syekh Yusuf
Keywords: using diary, writing skill


This study aims to determain the effect of using diary as a media to improve writing skill. This study used quantitative methods using quasi-experimental research with non-equivalent control group design. The samples used in this study were 37 students in the experimental class and 38 students in the control class. Data was collected by conducting pre-test and post-test. In this research used non-parametric tests (Wilcoxon) because the data were not normally distributed. Then the result of the hypothesis should be <0.05. Based on the result from the hypothesis were the data analysis showed that the value of Asymp.Sig (2-tailed) was 0.000 <0.05. It can be concluded that the working hypothesis (Ha) is accepted, while the null hypothesis (Ho) is rejected. This means that the use of Using Diary had a significant effect on students' writing skill compared to conventional teaching