Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

1. Articles are published twice in a year (in April and October).

2. Articles should be results of research that are relevant with the field of Dance Education.

3. Articles should be published in Jurnal Pendidikan Tari (JPT) and not in other journal websites or mass media.

4. All references should be relevant sources, up-to-date and are correlated with the researches' sources.

5. Authors should use the APA style in writing.

6. Authors should insert biodata (Name, Email, Address, Affiliation, Phone Number) and documentation.

7. Articles should be based on the template that is already prepared and submitted online to the journal's website.

8. Articles should be written in Indonesian, based on the Bahasa Indonesia principles, and also comprehensible; except for the Abstract that is written in both Indonesian and English.

9. Articles that are going to be published in the latest edition should be sent to the editorial staff at least two months before the publishing date.

10. The validity and comprehensiveness of the articles will be examined by the editorial staff based on the articles' scope. In this stage, it is possible that the editorial staff will ask the author to revise their work, due to the errors found in the article (such as general mistakes in writing and the format).

11. Authors should sign the Statement Letter that their articles are original works and have never been submitted to any journal websites or mass media.