Author Guidelines


Guidance Of Journal Communicology: Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi

1. Scope of Journal. Posts that can be loaded are those that examine issues related to public relations and communication
2. Type of Writing. The Journal of Communicology will receive original research papers, current review papers, non-research scientific papers such as case study reports or comprehensive literature review, and discussion results for the purposes of publication of a research that is deemed important, and rapidly needing immediate publication. The research report must contain at least the sections of abstractions, keywords, introductions (background, objectives, hypotheses, concepts, keys), research methodology, research results and discussion, conclusions and literature. Review papers, scientific papers are not research, and the results of the discussion must contain at least a section of abstractions, keywords, introductions, discussions, conclusions and literature.
3. Long Post. Length of writing 20-25 pages A4 spaces 1.5 including tables and pictures minimum 2, maximum 6, and attachments, with 12 point antique book.
4. Abstraction. The maximum abstraction length is 200 words, accompanied by the key words at the end of the abstraction. Abstraction is made in English and Indonesian which contains research problems, research methodology, results and benefits. Abstraction is not mathematical. Keywords 3 Word.
5. Language. Written in Indonesian or English by observing the rules of using scientific language using passive forms and avoiding the use of pronouns.
6. Tables and Drawings. Tables and drawings should be numbered and full titles, and should be referred to in writing.
7. Quotes. Each quote should include the source written at the end of the quote.
8. References. The bibliography is prepared using mendeley