Indonesian Journal of Environmental Education and Management (IJEEM) (e-ISSN: 2549-5798) is scientific journal providing a vital forum for exchanging ideas in order to enrich the theory, policy, and practice of environmental education and management in Indonesia and around the world. IJEEM is a biannual, open access, peer-reviewed, and international e-journal, published in Indonesia. We accept unpublished, high quality, and original research manuscripts in Indonesia and English, resulting primarily from quantitative, qualitative, and mixed research methodology related to or associated with environmental education and management. IJEEM is published 2 times per year (January and July) by Environmental Education Postgraduate Studies of State University of Jakarta. All research articles appearing in IJEEM have undergone a thoroughly blind  peer-review.

|Indonesian Journal of Environmental Education and Management (IJEEM)|

e- ISSN                                  : 2549-5798
Publication frequency         : 2 issues per year (January and July)
Subject                                  : Environmental Education and Management