Focus and Scope

Jurnal Pensil : Pendidikan Teknik Sipil is intended for all academics in Civil Engineering Vocational Education. The presence of the Pencil Journal: Civil Engineering Education is expected to contribute to the scientific development of educational and vocational technology in civil engineering.

The scope of the Jurnal Pensil : Pendidikan Teknik Sipil includes the results of quantitative, qualitative research, experiments, surveys, development, competence, construction management, and scientific studies in the form of literature studies that aim to improve quality and build innovation in technological and vocational education in the field of Civil Engineering. The focus in the Pencil Journal includes:

  1. Media and Civil Engineering Learning Materials
  2. Civil Engineering Curriculum and Learning Methods
  3. Civil Engineering Education and Training Management
  4. Civil Engineering Learning Strategies
  5. Civil Engineering Education Financing
  6. Competence and Work in the Civil Engineering Sector, and
  7. Development of Civil Engineering Education and Training