We cordially invite you to our inaugural bilingual issue of Jurnal Penelitian dan Pengukuran Psikologi (JPPP). JPPP has published works in a variety of subjects in psychology, as well as interdisciplinary fields related to psychology. This year represented the eleventh year of our journey presenting cutting-edge research in the field of psychology in Indonesia, notably in the areas of measurement and psychological tests. As part of the attempt to extend our scientific impact, we have decided to transform our publication to a Bilingual based Indonesian psychology journal. In the first start, we published two articles in English in this edition. Gita Irianda Rizkyani Madellu and Devinna Nur Fadhilah's article discusses the importance of future time perspective on job adaptability for senior students. The outcomes of the study suggest a significant negative association between senior students' future time perspective as a limited view of time and their employment flexibility. While Medianta Tarigan and Fadillah reported their construct validity assessment of The Nijmeegse Schoolbekwaamheids Test (NST) employing a combination of IRT and factor analysis approaches (EFA & CFA).

Meanwhile, two articles in the field of Industrial and organizational psychology published in this edition are about the differences in work engagement between employees working in private companies and companies under military management written by Dian Juliarti Bantam and about the role of GRIT as moderator of Job Insecurity and Job involvement for employees affected by Covid-19 by Nyimas Fathia Dayatri and Alice Salendu. JPPP's three flagship articles in the field of experimental psychology and measurement are about the application of hypnotherapy techniques to overcome Ailurophobia by Dea Hidayat and colleagues, Al Ma'tsurat therapy to increase gratitude for mothers in accompanying children when online learning by Wasudin and colleagues, and construct validity of Porter Parental Acceptance Scale (PPAS) by Neneng Tati Sumiati and colleagues. We want to send our highest appreciation to our blind reviewers for contributing their feedbacks on the published articles. To wrap up our first bilingual edition, our production editor, Hermeilia Megawati provides an editorial note on the importance of academic humbleness.

Published: 2022-04-28