JPPP returns with the Volume 12 No.2 October 2023. JPPP's improved standing is shown in the recent journal accreditation results, with its current ranking as the 4th SINTA accredited national journal. The editor's note in this edition highlights the impact of learning loss on the Covid-19 situation in Indonesia. Santi Yudhistira, as the managing editor of this number, emphasized the important role of psychological research in highlighting these issues. In this edition, JPPP presents various interesting articles in the field of psychometrics and the development of psychological measuring instruments. Articles by Dwi Yan Nugraha et al, Liza Yudhita et al, Aviva Lutfiana et al, and Chionia Karita & Chrstiany Suwartono present psychometric evaluations and development of psychological measurement tools in the fields of educational psychology and industrial/organizational psychology. Meanwhile, the article from Rizqika Rahmadini & Rose Mini Agoes Salim focuses on the study of Self-Regulate Learning in the Online Learning context. The last two articles by Vita Ayu Gitara and Cindy Hapsari Maharani examine important issues in the field of school and social psychology.

Published: 2023-10-25