Editorial Board



  • Dali S. Naga, State University of Jakarta (Indonesia)


Editorial Board

  • Djemari MardapiYogjakarta State University (Indonesia)
  • Harry Firman, Indonesia Education University (Indonesia)
  • Arief Tiro, State University of Makassar (Indonesia)
  • Hari Setiadi, Center for Educational Assessment (Indonesia)
  • Bastari, Center for Quality Assurance (Indonesia)
  • Ramon Mohandas, Center for Curriculum and Book (Indonesia)
  • Asriyanti, Center for Educational Assessment (Indonesia)
  • Kumaidi, Surakarta Muhammadiah University (Indonesia)
  • Bahrul Hayat, Universitas Islam Negri Jakarta (Indonesia)


Managing Editor

  • Ahsanul Khair Asdar, State University of Jakarta (Indonesia)
  • Bambang Afriadi, State University of Jakarta (Indonesia)


Director of Publication

  • Deni Iriyadi, State University of Jakarta (Indonesia)