History of The Journal

JISAE is published as an annual journal published in February and September. Special editions are also planned according to the scope and needs. Currently JISAE also publishes peer review papers from international and national level conferences conducted by various research and academic institutions.

(JISAE) is an established international peer-reviewed journal whose 2015 purposes to advance understanding of assessment and evaluation practices and processes, to make the relationship between assessment, learning, performance indicators, and cross-cultural studies of student achievement, particularly the contribution that these make to student learning and to course, teachers, school administrators, student parent association, and institutional development.

The name JISAE (Journal of Indonesian Student Assessment and Evaluation) is not specific in research studies in Indonesia, but more than that as the identity of this journal.
The beginning of the history of this journal was made under the name JISAE: Journal of Indonesian Student Assessment and Evaluation in the printed version having the number ISSN: 2442-4919. In its development, according to many academic circles suggested that an online version be made. In the online version of this journal has the name JISAE (Journal of Indonesian Student Assessment and Evaluation) EISSN number: 2597-8934. This journal is an international journal with several authors from various countries. JISAE hopes (Journal of Indonesian Student Assessment and Evaluation) that researchers and the academic community can publish their research results here.