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The copyright in the individual articles contained in the journal VISI PTK-PNF is given to each author related to his contribution. There is no part of the journal VISI PTK-PNF that can be used or reproduced without permission from the publisher. Journal Executing Agency is on the side of the Faculty of Education, Universitas Negeri Jakarta.

Journal VISI PTK-PNF cannot be used for copyright, including copyright in various editions and volumes from the journal VISI PTK-PNF. The phrase "Copyright ... given to each author ..." must be displayed to make the case where you are working the copyright owner.

In accordance with the principle of open access, there are no fees charged for fees or tuition fees by royalties or copyright billing fees, or by vendor databases, for access to VISI online, free of charge to Internet articles

Journal VISI PTK-PNF allow the author(s) to hold the copyright without restrictions and  allow the author(s) to retain publishing rights without restrictions. Journal VISI PTK-PNF CC-BY or an equivalent license as the optimal license for the publication, distribution, use, and reuse of scholarly work.

In developing strategy and setting priorities, Journal VISI PTK-PNF recognize that free access is better than priced access, libre access is better than free access, and libre under CC-BY or the equivalent is better than libre under more restrictive open licenses. We should achieve what we can when we can. We should not delay achieving free in order to achieve libre, and we should not stop with free when we can achieve libre.