SUMMARY. Susetyo, et al., in their paper, discusses welding using V and X bevel. The current variations used are 140, 150, 160, and 170 A with DC+ polarity. This study aimed to determine the effect of seam shape on defects and tensile strength of low carbon steel material from SMAW welding with AWS E 7018 electrodes. Dwiyati, in her paper, examines the effect of isocyanate hardener levels in polyurethane paint mixtures on the quality of plastic painting results. The variation of the hardener composition studied was between 2% - 20%. Refiadi, in his paper, discusses the manufacture of WPS and PQR API 5L Grade B for manual SMAW pipe supply according to the API-1104 standard. Kholil, et al., in their paper, discusses the effect of forced vibration oil damping on an unbalance mass system of one degree of freedom. Sukmara, in his paper, examines the concept of a four-wheeled electric vehicle with a capacity of four people, which is also a milestone for change toward a green Indonesia through environmentally-friendly vehicles. Setyadi and Wibowo, in their paper, analyzed the effect of mixing diesel oil with biodiesel on the cetane number value. The scope of this research is a literature review, sampling of diesel fuel oil (diesel oil) and biodiesel, mixing of diesel oil and biodiesel with a ratio of 30:70 and 40:60, and testing the cetane number of mixed results on the CFR F-5 engine. Sari, in her paper, analyzed the product resulting from the combination of the welding process with GTAW and heat treatment of 6061 aluminum to determine its hardness and tensile strength. Wardoyo, et al., in their paper, analyzed the effect of the vacuum fraction in a narrow pipe with a spiral inner surface on the two-phase heat transfer bubble flow pattern.

Published: 2015-10-30