SUMMARY. Hidayat and Nofendri, in their paper, discuss the selection of the best angle of attack for the NACA 0013 airfoil wing when taking off using fluent Ansys. Setyawan, et al., in their paper, conducted an initial design for the development of a military striped fabric with a bush motif. Ramadan and Cappenberg, in their paper, analyzed the performance testing of refrigerant R-22 which was carried out in actual simulation using Genetron Properties software. Susetyo, et al., in their paper, analyze the effect of PWHT on the mechanical properties of low carbon steels regarding tensile strength and hardness values. Yoga and Putri, in their paper, analyzed the effect of variations in the length and diameter of the capillary tube on the performance of the AC cooling system. Sukarno, in his paper, uses condensate water for pre-cooling or pre-cooling in the condenser and sees how it affects the performance of air conditioning in the form of coefficient of performance (COP). Saidah, et al., in their paper, analyzed the effect of fiber volume fraction on the mechanical strength of epoxy-rice straw fiber composites and yukalac 157 resin rice straw fibers.

Published: 2018-10-31