Jurnal Penelitian dan Pengukuran Psikologi: JPPP is back in volume 11 (no.2) October 2022. We currently present six featured articles and one editor's note. One of our editor, Rahmadianty Gazadinda made an editorial note on things need to consider when conducting online experimental psychology study. While the six articles discuss various issues and topics in the field of psychology.  Our two featured articles discussed about the Organizational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB). First is presented by Josephine and Karel Karsten Himawan from Universitas Pelita Harapan discussed about the Neuroticism as a potential predictors of individual Organizational Citizinship Behaviour in Non-profit Organization setting. The second article written by I Komang Budi Mahendra Suta and Maki Zaenudin Subarkah from Politeknik Ilmu Pemasyarakatan about The Effect of Emotional Intellligence on OCB among Prison Officer in Bali. In addition, in this number, we also presented four articles in educational psychology field. First from Fitri Lestari Issom and Fachrurozzy discussing about the Effect of Teacher Stress and Well-being among Teacher in Inclusive Primary School; while the Second paper by Rahmatia Narita Awal, Hamiyati, and Prastiti Laras about the significant affect of parent's verbal agrerssion on their children's self concept; Third paper by Alif Qurrataayun and colleagues highlighted the IQ level among Deaf Students in Purwokerto; and fourth paper by Ratih Andini and colleagues underlined the importance of Self-Disclosure and Student's Distress during the Online Learning. Last but not least, we also presented the first meta-analysis paper by Dhiza Aliffia and colleagues from UIN Antasari, Banjarmasin about the Conflict of Dual Roles of Career Women doing Work From Home.



Published: 2022-10-31