Jurnal Pendidikan Tari Volume 2 Issue 1 contains 8 papers: 1). Form and Function of Tunarangga Edan Performance in Tegalreja Kelurahan Cilacap Selatan District, Cilacap Regency, 2). Study of Education Values in Betangas, 3). Exploration Of Motion To Increase The Confidence Of Children Victims Of Family Violence, 4). Art Praxis At The Swargaloka Studi East Jakarta In Pierre Bourdieu's Perspective, 5). Creation Of Furshotu Tsaniyah Dance Using Methods Of Construction Jacqueline Mary Smith-Authard, 6). Sisingaan Dance Learning: Community Based Education In Subang District, 7). Improving Student's Learning Activity In Learning Active Debate Dance Through Blended Learning, 8). Commodification Of Mak Yong Mask Performance As A Cultural Tourism Attraction In Mantang IslandĀ 

Published: 2021-10-31