Jurnal Pendidikan Tari Volume 3 issue 2 contains 8 papers: 1) Moral Value of Kembang Lambang Sari Dance for the Betawi Community According to the Perspective of Hans Georg Gadamer 2) Learning Interference and Learning Discipline with Learning Material Means of Student X at SMKN 7 Bekasi 3) Description Of The Legend Of Sangkuriang Through Dance “Sumbi Raksa” Using The Moving From Within Alma M.Hawkins Method 4) Improving Appreciation of Traditional Dance Through Case-Based Learning Models 5) Dance Practice Learning through Online (in the Network) During the Covid-19 Pandemic 6) Management System of the Reyog Ponorogo Association in Jabodetabek. 7) Development of Uncle Motion as Base For Creation of "Aer Sengketa" Dance 8) Performance of Goa Kreo Legend Masterpiece: Before, During, and After the Performance in the Management of Tirang Community in the City of Semarang.

Published: 2023-04-30