The articles in this edition cover the area of Arabic Literary Studies on Love from Imam Shafie's Perspective, Ethics and Information Culture for Students in Islamic Educational Institutions of Uzbekistan, Maqashid Sharia Study on Minerals and Coal Law in Indonesia, the Concept of Hisbah and its Implications for Elections in Nigeria. Religious education for Aceh millennials to face social change. Islamic Myths and Legends as a Source of Learning Ethics, and the Development of Islamic Education Indicators with Vosviewer. We are still accepting research-based articles written in English, Arabic and Bahasa Indonesia while continuing to attract more article in English or other international languages.

In this issue, there are seven research-based articles authored by scholars and practicioners from across disciplines which Arabic literature, fiqh on the law of mineral and coal mining, ethics of finding information sources on social and other media, politics in Islamic studies, local wisdom as a source of learning ethics, morality and social change and innovation in Islamic religious education research.

Published: 2024-01-27