SUMMARY. Susetyo, in his paper, conducted a study on the characteristics of XYZ rust remover waste. This is done to determine the waste composition and whether it needs special handling or can be directly disposed of in nature. Susilowati, in her paper, analyzed the compressors at KM Gunung Dempo. The purpose of this research is to determine the compressor's performance by theoretically calculating the existing data, then a comparison is made with the real results in the field. Sari and Dwiyati, in their paper, examine the corrosion of H2S and CO2 on static equipment in the oil and gas industry. Rahmanto, in his paper, conducted an analysis of human comfort in a solar liquid desiccant cooling system using a counter flow configuration. Sukmara, in his paper, compares two piston rings, namely the original piston ring and the local piston ring on the Daihatsu S-38 car. Kholil, et al., in their paper, analyzed the vibration characteristics of the swing arm structure made of carbon steel on a motorcycle with a twin-shock type of suspension using finite elements and experimental methods. Cappenberg, in his paper, conducted a performance study of the Daihatsu Gran Max 1300 engine that uses premium and gas fuel (BBG). Basori, et al, in their paper, analyzed the deflection of flexural rods using clamps and rollers on aluminum 6063 U profile material with a distributed load to determine the strength of the material so that the material's safety limit can be known at the time of maximum loading.

Published: 2015-04-30