SUMMARY. Wardoyo, in his paper, discusses the relationship between the power of a 5-blade propeller wind turbine and the load on the supporting tower. This study aims to find a relationship between the wind turbine's power and the turbine tower's bending moment load. Priyambodo, et al., in their paper, evaluates the performance and emission characteristics of an increase in cylinder volume in a four-stroke engine with a bore up and stroke up. Setyadi, in his paper, discusses the effect of using bioethanol as a gasoline fuel mixture 88 on a 4-stroke motorcycle engine with a composition of 10%, 20%, and 30%. Astuti, in his paper, analyzes the effectiveness of the combination of electrodialysis and ozone in treating brackish water into fresh water. Hafidz, in his paper, discusses the magnitude of the force that occurs on disc brakes for mini buggy vehicles with a calculation analysis of brake components with pedal loadings of 1kgf, 2kgf, 3kgf, 4kgf, 5kgf, 6kgf, 7kgf, 8kgf, 9kgf, and 10kgf. Hastuti, et al., in their paper, analyzed the effect of aging temperature on the transformation temperature of Ti-50,7at%Ni alloy. Sari, in her paper, conducted an initial study on the manufacture of copper powder with an amorphous structure by reacting a solution of copper (II) sulfate (CuSO4) with zinc metal (Zn) at a relatively high temperature and agitation speed. Premono, et al., in their paper, conducted a numerical study by optimizing the location of the gate and the temperature of the mold on the defects of the outer shell helmet product.

Published: 2016-04-27