Jurnal Pendidikan Tari Volume 3 issue 1 contains 9 papers: 1) Visual and Audio Mythology of Barong Landung as a Theme in Creating Dance Based on Kang Cing's Legong Dance; 2) The Relationship Between Self-Control and Study Habits Through YouTube on the Dance Ability Dance Creations of Kembang Jatoh in Grade IV Students of SDN Kembangan Utara 08 Petang; 3) Increase the Character of Cooperation Through Project-Based Learning Models on Performance Arts Production Management Materials; 4) Development of Virtual Reality Video Media based on Camera Go Pro 360° in Lenggang Patah Sembilan Dance Learning at SMA Negeri 113 East Jakarta; 5) Raden Saleh’s Suicide Painting Folktale as An Inspiration for the Creation of Rundung Saleh; 6) Improving the Ability to Explore Dance Moves Using the Field Trip Method For Teenage Students of the Sanggar Tari Sekar Putri in Depok of West Java; 7) Increasing Interest in Learning Dance in Male Students Through the ARCS Motivation Learning Model (Attention, Relevance, Confidence, Satisfaction); 8) Development of Learning Media Based on The Truth or Dare Card Game in Dance Lessons at Sanggar Gandrung Dance Studio The Age Category of 26-45 Years for Increase Dance Skill; 9) Educational Dance Learning Materials for ICT Based High Schools and CTL for College Students.

Published: 2022-10-31