• SUBHAN SUBHAN PAUD PPs Univeristas Negeri Jakarta


The aim of this study is to describe the process and results of learning
through play carom that can improve scientific understanding of biological
children in RA B1 Salsabila Jakarta Year 2015/2016. The subjects of this study
were 22 children. This research method is based on the Research Action Class
Action Research model Kemmis and Mc. Taggart which includes four stages:
planning, action, observation, and reflection. This study consisted of two cycles,
each cycle consisting of 8 times pertemuan.Teknik data analysis used in this
research is the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data. Analysis of
qualitative data by analyzing data from interviews during the study to the steps of
data reduction, data display and data verification. Quantitative data analysis with
descriptive statistics to compare the results obtained from pre-intervention, the
first cycle and the second cycle. The results of this study showed an increased
understanding of sains biologi children through play carom, evidenced by an
average understanding of sains biologi score of 41.59 pre-intervention, then
increased in the first cycle of the second cycle of 63.82 and 80.73.

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