SUMMARY. Premono, in his paper, implements a parallel computational process, called the Domain Decomposition Method (DDM) on the finite element method (MEH). The study taken is a simple linear elasticity problem in the form of a cantilever rod. Basori, et al., in their paper, designed a paper cutting machine with a production capacity of 10 kg/hour, including designing the shape, determining dimensions, selecting materials, and calculating the permissible forces and stresses. Yoga, et al., in their paper, compared five different CDI (capacitor discharge ignition). To determine the effect on engine power on a Yamaha Mio motorcycle. Syaripuddin, et al., in their paper, examined the welding results with liquid penetrant to determine the defects that occur in several trademarks of the E 6013 electrode. Sugita, in his paper, made a copper heat pipe with an outer diameter of 9.525 mm, 0.8 mm thick, and 300 m lon., which will be tested the ability to transfer heat at an angle of 0o, 30o, 45o, 60o, and 90o to the horizontal direction. Sukarno, in his paper modeled the loading due to impact loads on car rims with a vibration system of two degrees of freedom. The purpose of this study is to produce a model of the loading on the car wheels due to impact loads so that the results of this study can be a reference that can be applied in stress analysis or structural analysis using finite element method software. Capenberg, in his paper, studied various fuel types on the performance of the Toyota xxx car engine. The purpose of this research is to determine the performance of engines that use premium, pertamax, and pertamax plus, as well as the ratio of levels of CO, HC, CO2, and O2 and determine the right fuel to use according to the emission standards set. Dwiyati, in her paper, conducted a study on sugarcane fiber waste as reinforcement in polymer composites with a polyester matrix. This study aimed to determine the value of tensile strength, stiffness, and toughness of sugarcane/polyester fiber composites and to see the effect of fiber volume fraction on mechanical properties.

Published: 2014-10-30