SUMMARY. In his paper, Harini analyzed the heat transfer rate calculation in a double-pipe heat exchanger at the Laboratory of the University of 17 August 1945, Jakarta. Dewi and Nugroho, in their paper, conducted an experimental study of the effect of torrefaction on solid fuel characteristics of forest residue biomass. Cappenberg, in his paper, analyzed the effect of using diesel fuel, biodiesel, and Pertamina dex on the performance of a single-cylinder diesel motor. Syaripuddin, in his paper, did welding of 4-inch Sch pipes. 40 with a variation of the current to determine the tensile strength. Sumardiyanto and Susilowati, in their paper, discuss the effect of the condition/quality of rinse air produced by the turbocharger on the engine performance of the diesel engine driving the ship, HORTEN – SULZER Model 6RND76 above MT. New Seraya. Setyadi and Nanda, in their paper, discuss the development of fire where the development of the fire will be represented by the HRR (Heat Release Rate), burning rate, and visualization of each simulation. Sugita and Dzaky, in their paper, conducted an analysis using the Ansys Fluent 15.0 software to determine the effect of pressure distribution, velocity, and pathline velocity on the drag coefficient value. Dwiyati and Widyarma, in their paper, analyzed the results of adding carbon to the results of testing the braking variables and material characteristics on the brake linings of wood powder composite.

Published: 2017-10-27