SUMMARY. Syaka, et al., in their paper designed a plastic cup chopper machine with a manual drive and tested its performance. This study uses the VDI 2221 method, which is a method for solving problems and optimizing the use of materials, technology, and economic conditions. Ekoprianto, in his paper, conducted an aerodynamic analysis on the body design concept of an electric-powered 4-wheeled vehicle with a capacity of 4 (four) people which has the lowest air drag (drag). Basori, et al., in their paper, analyze the performance of the water turbine at the Musi Unit 2 hydropower plant which has carried out a major overhaul, because it has been operating for 40,000 hours. Nugraha, et al., in their paper, examines theoretically, to determine the mathematical model used to predict the optimum time and mass gain. Sugita, in his paper, conducted an experimental study of the performance of a flexible heat pipe with a length of 450mm. Sukarno, in his paper, discusses the construction of a thermoelectric generator (TEG) that can convert energy from the heat of motorcycle exhaust gases into electrical energy and sees how much electrical power can be generated at variations in engine rotation speed. Harini, in her paper, designed a firefighting system (external firefighting) for firefighters. Setyadi, in his paper, analyzes the characteristics of the spread of fire when a fire occurs based on the FDS (fire dynamics simulator) method in the motorcycle parking lot of campus A, State University of Jakarta.

Published: 2016-10-27