Focus and Scope

Jurnal Pendidikan Teknik dan Vokasional is a journal published by Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Universitas Negeri Jakarta. Jurnal Pendidikan Teknik dan Vokasional is a journal that publishes original research articles and reviews articles relevant to Technical and Vocational Education.

Publication Frequency

Jurnal Pendidikan Teknik dan Vokasional is published twice a year periodically, every June and December. Each number of the journal publishes eight articles.

Peer Review Process

A manuscript submitted is evaluated through Initial Review by Editorial Board. Editorial Board will check the manuscript regarding the scope, originality, novelty sufficiency of experimental data, and format. At least two peer reviewers are assigned to review the manuscript with the Blind Review Process. Two weeks is a location time given to peer reviewers to evaluate the manuscript. After the review process is finished, the assigned editor decides on the article. If the article needs revision, the manuscript is returned to the authors to revise. These processes take a month (maximum time). If the decision is major revision or resubmission, the revised manuscript that has been resubmitted by the submitter is sent back to the previous peer reviewers for re-evaluation. After that, the editor makes the final decision (accepted or rejected). Peer reviewers will be rated based on substantial and technical aspects. The peer reviewer assignment depends on the expertise and experiences in research and publication relevant to the field of the manuscript to be reviewed.

Open Acces Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

How to Register

  1. The author should register through the following address:
  2. The author should fulfil the form, especially on the star mark. Please give your selection as the author, reviewer, or both on the Confirmation Register section. After the form is filled in, click on "Register" to process the registration.
  3. Please go to User Home and select your role as an author. In Active Submission, click on "Click here: to go to step one of the five-step submission process". These are the five-step submission process:
  • Step 1. Start. The author has to check-mark on the submission requirements checklists. The author can give brief information to the editor about the submitted manuscript on the comment form. The author gives consent to the data provided. Please click on the "Save and Continue" button to go to the further step.
  • Step 2. Upload the Submission. To upload the manuscript to this journal, the author should click the upload file, change the article component to "Article Text", and browse to find the hard drive's manuscript file. Once the submission is uploaded, click Continue on the bottom of this page. Click review details and click complete on the bottom of this page. Click Confirm and please Upload Supplementary Files. The supplementary file that should be uploaded is consisting of the Statement of Originality and Copyright Release Form. Therefore, click complete on the bottom of this page.
  • Step 3. Enter Metadata. The author should enter the metadata of all authors engaged in the writing process. The information of the manuscript title, abstract, and keywords must be filled in the textbox. Please click on the "Save and Continue" button to go to the further step.
  • Step 4. Confirmation. The author has to check that all documents are complete. To submit the manuscript to the journal, click the Finish Submission button.
  • Step 5. Next Steps. The corresponding author or the principal contact will receive an acknowledgement by email. The author can trace the submission manuscript status, including manuscript review and editorial process by logging in to the journal web.

Article Processing Charges (APCs)

Every article submitted to Jurnal Pendidikan Teknik dan Vokasional will not have any Article Processing Charges that include submission, peer-review process, editing, publishing, and allowing immediate access to the article's full-text versions. All accepted articles will be freely available to all readers at Archive JPTV

p-ISSN: 2502-1605

e-ISSN: 2620-3065