SPEKTRA Volume 6 issue 1 contains 8 papers: 1) The Development of Image Processing Method on The Automatic Reading System of The Glass Thermometer Using A Digital Camera; 2) The Data Acquisition Role on Static Test for Validation of RX320 Rocket Motor Design; 3) Seed Mediated Synthesis of Hexagonal S-Doped ZnO Nanorod and Its Physical Properties; 4) Increasing The Calcium Silicate Hydrate Amount in Reactive Powder Concrete Using Marble Powder; 5) Modification of Purun Tikus (Eleocharis Dulcis) as A Natural Fiber Composite Using KMnO4 and NaOH; 6) Simulation of Peak Ground Acceleration and Pseudo Spectral Acceleration of Palu Earthquake September 28th 2018; 7) The Bone Microstructure Identification Model Based on Backscatter Mode of Ultrasound; and 8) The Simulation of Granular Particle on Dry And Moisturized Porous Horizontal Surfaces.

Published: 2021-04-30