• Iskandar Agung Puslitjakdikbud, Balitbang-Kemendikbud


This paper aims to discuss the role of teacher facilitators in strengthening character education, especially
in relation to the issuance of Permendikbud Number 23 Year 2017 on Five Day School (FDS) which requires teacher
work hours for 8 (one hour) a day. LHS has double function. On one hand, FDS as an effort to enable teachers to
fulfill their teaching hours 24 hours in a week, on the other hand as an effort to strengthen character education of
students. Implicitly, strengthening character education is to support the optimization of teacher roles as part of the
educational ecosystem and people who are at the forefront of learning. The role of teachers, especially as facilitators
in the implementation of character education becomes the entry point of its success, and also as a vehicle to meet
the needs of teacher teaching hours. This paper presents ideas on 13 facilitator’s roles that teachers can do. The
application of FDS is expected to be filled by the role of facilitators presented in this paper, so it needs to be widely
disseminated so that the school as soon as possible apply it.
Keywords: teacher, strengthening, character, role, facilitator