SUMMARY. Kholil, in his paper, analyzed the dynamics of the structure carried out on the swing arm to know the structural characteristics of the motorcycle swing arm in a mono-shock suspension system. Setyawan and Sardjadi, in their paper, discuss the improvement of aerofoil aerodynamic performance by using a zap flap. Syaefudin and Basori, in their paper, design the alloy wheels of hybrid motorcycles and test load distribution using Autodesk Inventor software. Susetyo, et al., in their paper conducted a T-joint with the SMAW process at various currents of 90 A, 100 A, 110A, 120 A, and 130A to know the most effective current and how it affects the microstructure area and welding defects. Mahir, in his paper, measures the levels of carbon monoxide (CO) in exhaust gas produced by a 110cc 4-stroke motorcycle with a CDI ignition system with an AC source (CDI-AC) and a DC source (CDI-DC) which were tested at various engine speeds. (RPM). Triyono, in his paper, discusses the effect of austempering temperature on nodular cast iron (FCD 50) on the wear rate of tipped ceramic lathe chisels. Sirojuddin, in his paper, analyzes opportunities for business developers and challenges for engineering technology designers in Indonesia regarding mini hydro power plants (PLTM). Yoga, in his paper, analyzed a flat plate type solar collector using a heat pipe as a heat gainer in the absorber.

Published: 2013-10-24