SUMMARY. Chandra and Prawoto, in their paper, designed a modeling hybrid vehicle with a series-parallel configuration using Matlab/Simulink software. Heriana, in her paper, examines the concept of a four-wheeled rural vehicle with a capacity of five people and more than 500 kg of goods, which is also a milestone in the change in rural transportation in Indonesia. Susetyo, in his paper, conducted a comparative analysis of ASTM A 36 welding results with DC+ and DC- polarities in terms of tensile strength with several variations of wire feeder speed. Syaripuddin, in his paper, performed OAW welding with three different types of electrodes to see the mechanical properties produced. Jaelani and Sukmara, in their paper, analyzed the steam boiler efficiency in unit 2 PLTU 2 Banten with a capacity of 300 MW. Sugita et al., in their paper, re-utilize the waste heat from the AC condenser, which is dumped into the environment so that it can reduce electricity consumption which has an impact on energy savings and reducing the effects of global warming. Cappenberg, in his paper, gave additives to determine their effect on motor performance, namely fuel consumption (FC) and engine shaft power (BHP) on the OM 444LA diesel engine. In their paper, Sukarno et al. analyzed the effect of changes in ignition timing on engine performance in the form of power, torque, and fuel consumption using a programmable ECU applied to a 115cc automatic motorcycle engine.

Published: 2017-04-27