SUMMARY. Syaka, et al., in their paper converts a 2-stroke combustion engine into a machine with a compressed air propulsion source without any combustion process. Hakim, et al., in their paper, examines the need for safety belts for four-wheeled four-passenger vehicles for the campus environment. Wardoyo, in his paper, conducted research on the characteristics of a thermoelectric power plant through heat from a 150 cc sport exhaust with a-shaped coolant fin slots. Syafrizal, in his paper, analyzed the corrosion of low carbon steel pipe ASTM A 135 on a diesel engine at a PT. X. Kholil, et al. In their paper discusses the manufacture of a prototype bike lift with a vertical screw system with a maximum load capacity of 200 kg motorcycle. Refiadi, in his paper witnessing the CNC Turning process through documentation of raw materials, process plans, types of machines, machining processes, quality control, and running waste management processes for 16 samples of metal-based products in the form of solid shafts. Sukmara, et al., in their paper, examines a concept of a four-wheeled electric vehicle with a capacity of four people, which is also a milestone in the change toward a green Indonesia through environmentally-friendly vehicles. Sugita and Iskandar, in their paper, analyze the maximum temperature that can be achieved by using cheap, strong, and easy-to-make materials for portable solar water heaters.

Published: 2016-04-29