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Vol 12 No 2 (2018): JPUD - Jurnal Pendidikan Usia Dini Volume 12 Nomor 2 November 2018

JURNAL PENDIDIKAN ANAK USIA DINI (JPUD)  is published twice a year in April and November, containing research articles in the field of Early Childhood Education. p-ISSN (Print Media): 1693-1602 e-ISSN (Online Media): 2503-0566

Published: 2018-11-30


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Journal of Early Childhood Education published twice in April and November, containing of articles that include conceptual ideas, studies and application of theories, practitioners' writing and research and learning outcomes in Early Childhood Education. P-ISSN (Print): 1693-1602 e-ISSN (Online): 2503-0566
Published: 2017-07-12.

Since volume 13 Number 1 Edition April 2019 JPUD articles use English and there are changes to template manuscripts, from two-columns to one-column format.

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