Jurnal Diskursus Pendidikan Sosiologi (JDPS) is a scholarly publication focused on research studies in Sociology Education, Sociology, and Social Sciences in general. Sociology education serves as a pivotal term in generating diverse studies, encompassing aspects from the examination of learning media to investigating the implementation and impact of sociology learning. Sociology, as an interdisciplinary field, does not operate in isolation; rather, it necessitates the synthesis of various multidisciplinary approaches to comprehensively explain empirical facts within the social dimension. Serving as the foundation for scientific disciplines, sociology education accommodates various disciplines in its study.
Jurnal Diskursus Pendidikan Sosiologi (JDPS) encapsulates the aspirations and conceptual thoughts derived from local, national, and international studies within the context of sociology education. As an academic forum, JDPS aims to function as a central hub for the documentation and dissemination of systematic thought results, fostering opportunities for scientific debates on various academic and real-world discourses emerging in scientific development.

Published: 2021-06-30